Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Guerrilla Gardening Golf Galore


That’s what I yelled this evening.

Well, it is May Day. 

Maybe the better thing to have yelled was “Fore!” because we were golfing at the time.

Golfing may be stretching things a bit. As I mentioned in the last post about Earth Truffles, the hubby wanted to try his hand at guerrilla gardening golf. Since today is National Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day (I know, I didn’t send cards either!) we took to the green space near our house with golf clubs and a mess o’ seed balls.

The sunflower seed balls I made today were not dry yet so we opted to toss those. The hubby tried to hit one of them first but it evaporated in a damp clay shower. The seed balls we made the other day had hardened enough to launch into the great wide open. Everyone lined up and got ready to hit.

“Putter up!” said the youngest, then snickered.

We did our best, definitely dispersing seeds far and wide.

“Is this the proper way to guerrilla garden?” the middle child asked skeptically.

“We are putting wildflower seeds into a place that needs them, so yes,” I answered. Unconventionally, perhaps, but true.

"Do we need a tee?" 

The eldest was a bit late on this since we were already ready to go. Maybe we should have thought of that at home.

Despite being tee-less, we continued to send seed missiles into the green space, the hubby assisting the girls with their golf swings.

The eldest is a softball player, which was proving problematic. She kept pulling the club back like a bat. After one particularly softballish swing, the youngest yelled at her:


Then ran to get out of reach. Smart decision.

After a bit of practice my sweet hubby determined that, “A 5-iron works better than the 3-wood. We’re in a bit of a rough here.”

He then determined to set the “land speed record” for a seed ball on rough turf. He may have made it. I can neither confirm nor deny. What I do know is that it got tough to be successful at guerrilla gardening because the kids started fetching the seed balls and bringing them back for him to hit again. Then they even pounded a few into the dirt with their clubs.


Finally, all were thrown, hit, tossed, and otherwise released into the wild. We turned toward home, successful. Keep an eye out for sunflowers and other native wildflowers along the greenbelts here. Maybe they will brighten your day!


A sunflower in captivity at our house

If you are interested, read more on the origins of May Day here

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