Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Goin' Back, Back, Back to School Again-Vacation Bible School, That Is!

Between school getting out and Vacation Bible School season (that’s right, season) starting, it has been crazy.

For those of you who fondly remember VBS as some nice ladies putting up posters and streamers and listening to Bible stories while eating graham crackers-which is how I remember VBS- you are probably wondering why VBS would impede my blog-writing process.

I am in charge of decorations for our VBS. It is my 7th year to be involved and 5th year as a co-decorating lead or decorating lead. We started with Arctic Edge seven years ago and moved through Avalanche Ranch, Power Lab, Crocodile Dock, Joseph, From Prison to Palace  to last year's Shake it up Cafe. Below are some pictures of the last five years’ VBS decorations for perspective.

Shake-it-Up Cafe
5-foot pizza

Joseph: Prison to Palace
Egypt decor.
more Egypt/Joseph
Heading into the swamp
Crocodile Dock


Sonotube telescope

I only have this picture of Avalanche Ranch!

As you can see, we do a little more than what was done when we were kids. I went through a period of time where I was opposed to the over-the-top style VBS.

“What is our true purpose?” I thought.

“To know Christ and make Christ known.”

“So isn’t it really just about the Bible stories and songs?”

“It is.”

“So why the 10-ft. ketchup bottles and giant telescopes?”

“Because if kids show up and have fun, they will listen and come back.”

“Good point.”

Okay, I don’t always have inner discussions with myself, but I have them often enough to be effective and infrequent enough to stay sane!

Anyway, this is all to tell you that my family and I will be deep in the midst of “Operation Overboard” decorations painting, creating and building for the next three weeks and then enjoying our hard work the last week of June. I will keep sprinkling in some of our adventures we have in our downtime, but be looking for pictures of this year's VBS coming soon.

Join us, too, the week of June 25-29. It is a lot of fun!


alkina said...

the bottom picture so sweet.

Emily said...

It seems like yesterday that they were so small!

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