Saturday, December 31, 2011

Walk on the Wild Side

If you have spent any time with me at all, you know I succumb regularly to a malady called “I can make that.” This illness manifests itself whenever I go to First Monday in Canton, any craft show or when I troll the genius that is Pinterest.

“I am not going to pay $50 for that when I can make that.”

I may even go so far as to purchase the supplies or dredge them from my stash. I rarely do “make that.” A notable exception is the penguin jammies I made the girls for Christmas, because they really were that quick, cheap and easy.

I decided yesterday, for our first foray into the creative unknown, we would tackle one of those “I can make that” white whales.

Yesterday we went to the Dallas Zoo. As members and rabid zoo addicts, this is not unusual. We love it, the girls love it. I don’t know that the animals are terribly impressed, but we go anyway. I decided that we would create our own scavenger hunt this time. After ogling those distinct, framed versions of last names, created from photos of “found” letters and arranged to spell things, I declared again, “I can make that.”

Never did.

Until now.

I had the girls keep their eyes peeled for any unique, colorful, and different E, V, A, N and S letters they could find. We scoured the grounds of the zoo for them. Some had too much glare, others were too small. Some were too close to their neighbors or too far away from us. More than once, I got an odd stare for standing right in front of a beautiful, exotic animal and focusing my lens on an “S” on a sign instead. C'est la Vie!

We made it home with about 25 options between the phone and camera. That, apparently, was the easy part. The tough part was getting four individual brains to like the same combination of five letters. I will show them all below and let you know tomorrow which one won. I have my favorite, but I am playing it cool.

When we reach stalemates of this variety, we usually have to make the girls write their votes on individual slips of paper and we read the results aloud. Otherwise, one will vote for something she hates, just to annoy the others. Ahhhh, sisters. I am off to the grand dame herself, Hobby Lobby, to shop for an odd-shaped frame. Regardless of which iteration wins, they are all the same size!

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