Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baa, Baa, Quack Sheep!

How many times have you asked yourself, why don’t we eat more cupcakes that look like fluffy lambs?

None? Seriously, none? Disappointing.

Actually, I’ve never asked myself that question either. I did run across a great recipe/project idea from the folks at Land o’ Lakes butter that would have helped fill that no-lamb-cupcakes-in-my-life void, should I have had one. Here is their cupcake:

well done, Land o' Lakes people!
I took their recipe and tweaked it a little to address the needs of my own family. Specifically, our abhorrence of all things licorice. Ick. Blech. (Insert sound of disgust and nastiness here_______) In other words, we are not fans. To still allow our lambies to have faces and tails, I decided to use chocolate frosting. Here is mine:

Easter was fast upon us, and so I decided that was perfect timing for sweet lamb-shaped cupcakes. We whipped up a batch of chocolate devil’s food cupcakes in green papers (to look like the lambs were standing in a field of grass) and set them to cool. This also allowed us to avoid the need for lamb legs. We’re efficient like that. Or lazy, whatever.

We planned to take our Easter show on the road to Mimi’s house, after church and lunch, to eat dessert and bond as a family. There was the perfect chance to make lambie cupcakes as a family. Group fun!

The chocolate frosting warmed up a bit on the way to Mimi’s and so it was a little harder to manage than planned. This tweaked our original plan or crafting perfect, sweet lambs. Our new plan became “How crazy and mutant-like can these lambs get.” Very Easter-esque.

 They got pretty mutant-like. A gallery is to follow. I did not participate in the mutant-lamb mutiny. But didn't my sweet lambie look cute?! Lame, I know, but it still tasted good! They all did.
Mutant hubby lamb

We had strawberries and pound cake with the quintessential topping-Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream for those who wanted options. The middle child asked, very innocently, “Is the strawberry shortcake for people who don’t eat lamb?”


Thieving berries by the youngest!
Many creepy things were overheard regarding the eyeballs of the cupcakes:

“Stop eating all the eyes!”

“I like eating eyeballs!”

“I want more eyeballs on my freaky lamb!”

Wow, I really hope the kitchen wasn’t bugged. I guess we’d know by now.

Any-who, we went through the lamb cupcake factory and came out the other side with a whole flock of very un-Pinterest looking lambs. Even my Uncle made one. Maybe next year, we’ll try mutant lamb cupcakes and they’ll wind up looking normal!

mutant Uncle lamb!

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