Monday, May 14, 2012

Technical Difficulties and Geniuses

Well, lets talk about how tough it is to blog without a computer. Or at least without my computer. As I speak, I am desperately racing the clock to finish this entry before my laptop blacks out on me again. Since my sewing machine is also on the fritz, I have been taking this electronic mutiny to mean “hey there blogger mom, take it easy, take a break, watch some softball and soccer and chill out with a good book.” My electronic devices are ever so soothing and comforting when they speak to me as I ponder their non-usefulness.

Obviously I will soon be making a trek westward. Apparently, only people in Tarrant or Collin Counties can fix either of these items so I flipped a coin (ok, so I decided a trip to Central Market was a good reward for driving so far) and picked the Southlake/Hurst choices for repair. In the near future, I hope to drop off the sewing machine at the Husqvarna Viking shop and my laptop at the Apple shop (man, do I hate those superior elitists at the “Genius Bar”) and return laden with fresh produce and cheeses!

A side-note on the “Geniuses” at Apple:

Picture it, Sicily, 1935…

Wait, that wasn’t me…

Picture it, Highland Village, 2007. A beautiful young woman (go with it) is trying to rip some songs from a CD to her iMac.

Ok, it was me.

Anyway, I kept hearing this horrible grinding noise and the thing spit my CD out with a huge groove dug in the surface. Not cool, iMac!

I threw a few blank CDs in there just to test. Grooves, one and all.

Sooooo, I hauled the thing down to the Apple shop and asked the “Genius” to fix it.

“Do you have an AppleCare plan?” he said with a snotty tone of voice, peering at me over his John Lennon-esque frames.

“Yeeeesss, I dooooo.” I said back, as if to a toddler. Honestly, who doesn’t get the warranty on a computer worth more than their sofa-especially with three small children in the house!

Off I went, back home to wait, computer-less, for the “Genius” to wield his magic.

I did not wait long. The next day, he called to tell me,

“I found your problem.”

“Awesome,” I said. “And?”

“There was a nickel in the disc drive.”

“Oh,” I said, very unimpressed. “How often do you see that?”

“This is my first time.”

Lucky me, I made his day.

So long story short, Too late! I got my computer back, working disc drive and all, with no cost to me. Hoo-rah!

*****Doodley doodley doo, doodly doodly doo, doodley doodley doo…(say it like Wayne and Garth) Back to the current computer crisis!*****

This time, I am out of warranty and I am certain it is not a nickel, dime or even a crumpled-up one that is causing my trouble with the laptop. The sewing machine is suffering from what I like to call “severe, severe over-use and under-care.” That is a technical diagnosis of an affliction that also plagues my dishwasher and AC units. Cest la vie!

Since I cannot sew, or help my offspring sew, we have been skulking around a lot in the yard. The following are some pictures of what is growing strong around here and a few of the critters we have discovered here around the casa. The mother squirrel and baby cardinals have still been too quick for my camera but I am trying! See if you have any of these where you live! 

unripe tomato 

Cherokee Purple tomato
new baby eggplant

Honeybee in action
Lambs Ears in blossom
View from my living room of the garden
despicable tomato hornworm
super-cool moth
Frittilary caterpillars
Frittilary butterfly

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