Friday, September 21, 2012

Capes and Blessings

It has been a bit like an audition for Mystery Men around here this week with all of the super-drama. I half-expected to see The Waffler parade through the kitchen with his syrup of truth!

Finally, both of our superheroes made their way to school, capes a-flying, for their respective presentations and parades. I have quite enjoyed watching when school has released each day and the kids (I mean avengers) have poured from the building in hockey vests, capes, headgear and socks of every color.

I do feel a bit like our own crusaders are “First-World” heroes. Saving the world from such afflictions as malaise, apathy and inflexibility, Creative Cutie and Gymnastics Girl may not be tackling the greater bowels of crime just yet.

I do wish that once in a while, I would get a visit from Laundry Lightning or The Valiant Vacuumer. It would be a bit more practical and give me more time to catch up on Downton Abbey on Hulu.

Now I have to be serious for a minute.

In truth, I cherish my girls’ ability to be Creative Cutie and Gymnastics Girl. We had a talk this week at our staff luncheon about human trafficking and slave trading that is occurring right now around the globe. Women and children being stolen from their homes and sold to labor, work until they break, or even worse fates. Having three girls, I realize how blessed we are to live where and when we do.

Not to turn this blog into a political, social or human-interest piece, and I won’t use this as a platform to shout Reform!, it just struck me how glorious it is that my girls have the freedom to express their joy and creativity every day and be rewarded for it. They are able to go to school, to learn and to dream dreams that truly have a decent shot of coming to fruition.

I also resolve to do more to make sure that other girls get that same chance. I’m not sure how yet, but I know I have to try. For the mothers who sit in dissimilar situations, desperate that they have three girls destined for lives of sadness.

My first stop is to read the book Half the Sky by WuDunn and Kristof. It was recommended in our luncheon. In the meantime, I plan to continue fostering the sweet spirits my girls exude and give them the chance to spread their wings (or capes) as wide as they can.

Have a blessed weekend!

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