Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Merry New Year!

Well, it's over. Let it go-it's done. Just move on. No, not the Cowboys' season. I wouldn't waste a blog post on Jerry Jones if he paid me! I mean 2012. Whether you loved it or hated it, the old year has ended and the new one has begun. Just in time, too, because 2012 was getting so boring!

At any rate, we ended the year together, spending time eating and playing games with friends and family, and started the new year together, eating and playing games as a family. Not a bad end or beginning. Unless you ask the kids who hate black-eyed peas, because we had plenty of those!

Our new year started in characteristic creative style. While preparing the year-launching feast of "Hoppin' John" with aforementioned peas, ham, greens and cornbread croutons, we were each handed an "invitation" from the youngest child. They had been hand-drawn, then photocopied and cut out like tickets.

"4:00 Playroom for my 1 person show. Be prepared to be blown away with laughter." 

I spelled it as you want to read it. Here is a picture of the phonetically-spelled original:

With an invite like that how do you stay away?

So, I cleaned the ham juice off my hands and followed the rest of the family upstairs. We promptly returned to get the invites when we were met at the playroom with a gate and the stern words, "Those invitations were your tickets!"

She collected our tickets, assigned us beanbag seating, saying, "One dollar please. You may have a seat. Phones must be turned off please."

I pled the media angle, pointing out that I was documenting for posterity sake. No dice.

I will try to remember most of it.

We got a second round of: "Phones off!" And even a "Anyone else have a device?" Wow! She tried to take the phone but I pointed out that Broadway shows just request that they be turned off.

She then made her rounds inspecting each ticket. "I have to make sure you didn't cheat and have the right ticket slips."

Like there was a scalper in the foyer, hawking faux tickets to the kid's show!

At this point it was declared that the show would begin. I couldn't take any good pictures due to the media ban. I managed to snag one bad one at the end, but full costume effect was lost at that point. Imagine a seven year-old child in a purple and white ballet leotard, full tutu, high-heel Disney princess shoes, a Madagascar clown wig and a straw safari hat. Got it? Good. That was the rig she had on.

The only pic I was able to take, after most of the costume flew off, before I lost my phone again!
Our promoter/host/ticket-taker/performer began her show. She sat down and announced that she would begin the first of TWELVE Christmas carols to be played on a mini keyboard. NOOOoooooo!!!!!! We negotiated down to three, with an assistant required for a fourth. Whew!

She performed fully-recognizable renditions of all the three solo songs then asked for a volunteer. When only two people raised their hands and she declared, "You know if you don't raise your hand, I'm just going to call on you!"

The middle child immediately put her hand down and was, of course, chosen. She was asked to sing as accompaniment to the keyboard. In no way did the middle child see this as an opportunity to show off. Ha! where's the Looney Tunes cane when you need it?

The song ended and we thought it was done. 


Next came the dancing.

Then we thought it was done. 


Next came comedy hour.

She ended the show with a joke (actually a decent rule to follow). 

"Why did the cow do jumping jacks?"


"Because she wanted a milkshake!"

Rim shot.

After the show, she announced that she would be signing the invites in the hall if people wanted autographs (the red ink on the back of the invitation in the picture above). Who needs an agent?

We finished dinner and a game of Disney Trivial Pursuit, and watched just enough bowl football. All in all it was a good first day. Dinner and a show? And we didn't even have to decide "drive or take the train?" Priceless!

Happy New Year to you all!


Lynn Parker said...

This sounds like a perfect day to me! I wish she would have allowed media! I don't blame her though - those paparazzi can be relentless!

Happy New Year!
:)Lynn Parker

Amy Parsons said...

I would like to talk to "the youngest" about working the house at recital.... sounds like she's better than hired crew!
Loved it!

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