Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shamrock Shirts and Lazy Day

I am a slacker today.

Lazy, selfish, all-about-me today!

To be fair, it is my birthday. I had a great homemade (by the hubby) breakfast and went off to work. I have been blessed by many gifts, cards, notes, treats and wishes today, had lunch with my Padre, a massage and more lazy time reading while watching gymnastics class. I was told, in all fairness, that I should be lazy today and not try to be crafty at all (thanks to my sisters for the advice).

In lieu of something new, I’ll show you a redux of the Valentine’s Day shirts. This time it’s all about St. Patty!

Enjoy, and I’ll be back tomorrow with something new…

The Finished Product
Here's how we did it, in pictures. Look at this post for step-by-step directions. It is a long post but this project is low down on the post, I promise!

Print a small shamrock clip art
Freehand a larger shamrock and draw over with Sharpie
Trace a clean copy of final shamrock
Trace the shape on gauze and pin to shirt

Stitch on drawn lines, cut the fabric 1/8" on both sides of lines, wash and finito!

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