Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pallets are for Planting

We got started on the pallet project today. We got started on the pallet project today. We got started on the pallet project today. We got started on the pallet project today.

Okay, my tribute to Groundhog Day is over. Really it’s my tribute to Groundhog Day-the movie, not Groundhog Day-the day.

But we did start our pallet project today in case you didn’t get that earlier. I think I know now why the other pallet garden I found online was made the way it was. The way I wanted to do it was tough. Trying to fit a large staple gun in a 3-½ inch space to staple down landscape fabric does not work.

The reason the planter remains plant free? I have three children who are ten, eight and six. It was like a nursery rhyme in our backyard:

That little piggy had homework, that little piggy had chores, and that little piggy cried “Bam! Bam! Bam!” every time the staple gun stapled. And I mean every time.

Needless to say, we slowly moved through the steps of measuring, cutting landscape fabric and stapling it to the boards to make “planting pockets”. In between homework and chores, the three girls helped with everything but stapling. That gun is not user friendly.

Clearly, somebody got Mommy's camera. Smile, Mommy!

We tweaked the design as we stapled, making it easier to maneuver the gun around the pallet boards. After a few modifications, I think we created a pretty decent vertical planter that should hold 20 plants and only take up a four-inch by three-foot ground space. Because we lost a little garden space when our new fence was built, I think two of these planters should really make a difference.

Not pretty yet, but wait...
After we plant the “pockets” tomorrow, we will see if today’s design will be repeated. We might try the style we found online for the next one. It’s a new experience so we may just keep experimenting.

The girls picked out a few veggies and I have some herbs to put in this one. We may plant all salad greens in the next one. Who knows?

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Emily said...

Sad follow-up. Unless you are committed to watering this uber-frequently, the plants won't make it. The version online where the lady lays the pallet horizontally and fills the entire thing with soil and lets the plants grow in before tipping probably holds water better than this. It would be too heavy, though, for what I wanted to do. This is still doable-just water a LOT>

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