Monday, February 20, 2012

Stakeouts and Stones may Break My Bones...

What a difference a women’s retreat makes! It was so nice to have two days to spend with old friends, make new friends and learn a lot from and about each other, ourselves and God. What a great weekend. 

I tried to get the hubby to take a guest spot here on the ol’ blog and write about something fun and creative he did with the kids while I was retreating. He declined, citing disinterest. He did agree to sit in and craft with us today as we started (I’ll share why we only started and didn’t finish in a sec.) a new project.

A few I finished for examples
Today’s project was stolen, um, borrowed, from Pinterest. I stumbled on this idea from the colormekatie blog. The project involves taking stones, painting hearts on them and then returning them to the wild-nestling them in slightly visible places to ensure "chance" discoveries. I think it is fantastic idea and not at all limited to Valentine’s Day. 

Also, I haven’t found any rocks painted with hearts strewn about (or even hidden about) our neighborhood. This led me to think we should go for it. Plus, the poor cast-laden one can paint one handed even though she can’t make tissue paper flowers or sew one handed.

Quickly, let me run down the reason why we only started this project and won’t finish it until tomorrow.

See that furry animal laying, exhausted, on the tile? He’s exhausted because he spent a little time jumping and/or digging out of this perfectly good fence. 

“Hey, why is the picture of this fence taken from so far away?” you may ask. I’ll tell you why. It’s because I was staking out my own yard to see how the dog escaped. I was sitting in my car so the dog wouldn't know I was there watching. I got up-to-the-minute texts on the dog's backyard movements from my recon. team in the house:

He's at the back door.

He's in the garden.

Now he's out.

Now he's at the back door again.

Halfway through this exercise in futility, the eldest child came to join me. "This is so weird," she commented helpfully.

Now would be a good time to point out that this is not my dog. It is my Mom’s dog that is staying with us for a little while. I thought that he would stay contained now that we have a new fence. Nay, Nay.

Anyway, It got dark before he tried to escape again so I will try again tomorrow. I will find his escape route, oh yes, I will find his escape route.

So after wasting plenty of time watching the fence, we got started on our project.

The stones were very pretty on their own merit, so we decided to only paint half of them base colors and then add hearts after the paint dried. The other half would get hearts just on the raw stones.

We divided up the stones and started painting. As we discussed how we would go hide them tomorrow, the girls started to get excited about it.

“Maybe we could remember where we put them and go back the next day and see if anyone took them,” the middle one said.

“Can we put them on people’s porches?” the youngest one asked?

We explained the joy of the randomness of the rocks. That someone might be jogging on a path, or walking to school, having a bad day or just feeling sad. They might look down and find one of these sweet little rocks and their day might get better.

Pausing for the night
So we painted the first side of the rocks and set them to dry. Tomorrow we’ll finish them and go hide them around. Keep an eye out; maybe one of them will brighten your day (also keep an eye out for my Mom’s dog-here’s hoping he stays put).

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